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Put Up Your Dukes- 1/31/2011


Army Coat– Not sure of the war, just knows Philippines, was his grandpa’s. Possibly
WWI era? Rick calls for an expert….It’s Mark the historian/museum admin…it’s a
1902 dress uniform coat, artillery, stripes show time in service and war, from the
Philippine Insurrection, It’s missing the US mark and the belt, a very nice piece
though….Rick offers 200, This guy don’t like that..,Rick breaks it down for him..!

Old Book– Supposedly belonged to Sir Issac Newton, wow, unbelievable! It’s from his
personal library, all latin, this could be worth a fortune!…bring in the expert..
.Heres Gary, antique book expert,published in 1546! It’s about alchemy, not the
original binding, probably redone in the 1700’s, it is from newtons library!…It
was Newtons! Amazing! A value of approx…20,000! omg! He asks for 15000, Old Man
says he’ll do 5000, now 10000 from owner, still 5000 from the Old Man, owner drops
to 7000, now 6000 Old Man, he needs dinner,lol…The guy says 7000 and he’ll buy

old cell phone– Portable bag phone, they used to be worth 500, 5yrs ago, because of
their range capabilities. Unfortunately, the satellite companies cut them off over
the last few years. Hoss throws a 5 dollar offer, lol….deal!

Old man shows Rick the book, he’s amazed, he finds writing, could be Newtons! The
value would skyrocket! Time for another expert…….here’s Drew, an expert in
handwriting, he pulls out the magnifying glass, there’s tiny quill pen writing and
alchemy notes, everything looks good, unfortunately it’s not Issac’s writing, ahhh
man, still big time value though!

John Wayne memorabilia collection– There’s over 80 pieces here, Wayne was a huge
American Icon, the most acted at 142 roles, too bad Rick’s not really interested,
there’sjust nothing he can do with it….no deal

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