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Rat Patrol TV Show Lunchbox

rat patrol
  • Aired on ABC 1966-1968
  • Based on British army unit from WWII

Original retail was $3.50. Rat Patrol was a pretty bad show lol.

Haha you gotta love the people being blown up on the lunch box. Awesome now I want it! lol

No thermos doh!! Man I remember my old lunch box thermos. Awesome.  Rick offers $20 for it.

I wonder what she paid for it. Haha she got ripped you can tell. She will keep it.

6 Responses to Rat Patrol TV Show Lunchbox

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  4. Chris says:

    Rick: “It was a low-budget TV show about four guys in the desert.” [CAMERA MUG]

  5. I’m the one that was on Pawn Stars with the Rat Patrol lunchbox. His offer was really low. I still have it up on my shelf. It isn’t in as bad of shape as he made it sound at all. Oh well…it was interesting to be on the show. A memory if nothing else.

  6. Beth says:

    Christina, do you still have this lunchbox? My boyfriend has been looking for one…had one when he was a kid. Lol. If you do…how much do you want for it??


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