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As a book publicist I have a strong opinion about book tours. Authors tend to think they are a great idea because they see Bill and Hillary Clinton Rachael Ray Howard Stern and other big names out on the circuit and feel thats the technique to market a ebook.
Frankly it is just One strategy to market a book and is also a component in the all round advertising of the guide. The actuality is that unless you are well-known it will be you the flower vase together with your ebook in the small table watching for folks to approach you. Now dont get me wrong ebook signings is often pretty valuable as well as for those who dont market books it gives the media a reason to write about your book proper now so as to promote the occasion. With out that purpose to try and do the story correct now theyve plenty of other guides to create about considering that most reviewers are deluged with dozens to countless books just about every week. Rebecca the book store girl on history pawn stars And that is exactly where I think e-book signings and e-book tours are most valuable. In fact e-book shops that have turned down a shopper will happily book them knowing a mention of their store might be in an upcoming write-up. Westwind Communications has acquired media coverage after which pitched a ebook retailer using a assured mention when they book the author. This technique often functions. How can they refuse The PR to the e-book signing which is usually challenging and time consuming for them is currently performed. Ebook stores want sufficient lead time to place an announcement in their newsletter get a press release out to their contacts produce flyers and in-store promotion. They dislike final minute ideas and who can blame them So it is important to work several months beforehand if achievable. But must you get a media job interview and you realize its gonna hit on a particular date then it can make perception to pitch a guide signing for the region guide shops after which get again for the media outlet to include that appearance in at the end of the story.

Guide shops also like to have the guide out there in -their system- ahead of booking an author signing. This indicates which the guide must be out there on their laptop or computer when they appear it up so it can be ordered via regular channels IE their very own system Baker and Taylor and so on. Youll find exceptions to almost everything and occasionally an writer can convey publications in to the store and advertise them supplying the retailer the profit from each e-book as it would expect. But that tends to throw a monkey wrench in to the combine plus the big national chains often shy absent from this for 1 cause or a further. Occasionally I think its the additional paperwork it creates. In the case of a brief notice reserving you could have greater luck gonna more compact independent ebook shops where the owner is on website. It is there where they may seize the chance. They have a tendency to be extra open up at a chance to guide an writer for an in-store appearance.
The bottom line- Theres no method to understand how youll be received in a e-book store regardless of whether you will provide many publications or perhaps one guide. But unless of course you try it youll be questioning. So my recommendation is to attempt it. See what happens. Frankly normally what takes place is one thing good that goes way beyond merely promoting a guide. You may meet a local librarian wholl invite you to talk to some library group or a member of the ebook club wholl do the similar. You could find a member with the media whos seeking a new angle on the story or simply trying to get some function story concepts. Soon after youve completed several ebook signings it is possible to see if it is worth your time and effort. You may just be stunned.
About Scott Lorenz Scott Lorenz is President of Westwind Communications a public relations and advertising agency that includes a unique knack for working with people and business people to help them get all of the publicity they should have and far more. Lorenz has handled public relations and marketing for many authors doctors lawyers authors inventors and entrepreneurs since 1980 and is an integral portion of your strategy for numerous authors in their own book promoting. Understand far more about Westwind Communications ebook advertising and marketing method at www.westwindcos.combook or contact Lorenz at or by telephone at 734-667-2090.
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