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Report Title- Some Book Reviews- -Bismarck Dorsetshire and Memories by Ray Locking mechanism
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Article Summary-
Bismarck Dorsetshire along with Memories is another n interesting book produced privately that we are fortunate in order to read and read more about a sailors war.
Ray Lock was born in Bulawayo inside former Rhodesia…complement from the 13 000 ton-cruiser the actual Dorsetshire. This was one of several Uk ships….
-. richard harrison navy career -I used to be A WITNESS On the SINKING OF THE BISMARCK
Jimmy was on deck of HMS Dorsetshire the deliver that fired the past 2 torpedoes that sunk the Bismarck and was able to check out the torpedoes in the water and also the final sinking of the Bismarck. He was later on board when the Dorsetshire was sunk by a Japanese oxygen attack off the seacoast of Ceylon. Ray has now written a book eligible BISMARCK DORSETSHIRE and MEMORIES and it comes strongly recommended as a very individual and unusual struggle history by a community Durban man.

Jimmy Lock a Southerly African tried to enroll in the South Africa Air Force with the age of 16 as being a pilot. Told yet have to wait he she like many others went to a service that would consider him then where there. He thought this war would be over by the time he permitted to join the air pressure. Joining the Noble Navy instead he previously in fact lots of time to get involved in some well known and many lesser but incredibly important actions.
Throughout this book is packed with detail and undoubtedly will prove interesting to those who like the nitty gritty of Naval Life. The article author served on DORSETSHIRE prior to the BISMARCK action for some time and until the ships loss in the Indian Seashore where he seemed to be wounded.
Both CORNWALL and DORSETSHIRE were sunk by Japan aircraft attack. The particular survivors many injured including Mr Locking mechanism were then device gunned in the water. Sighted through an aircraft the team was rescued simply by HM Ships ENTERPRISE PANTHER and the man was personally obtained by PALADIN. Following extensive recovery time inside hospital Mr Secure was selected regarding Officer Training after which he was seconded again to the Royal Dark blue. Further service in small craft like HDMLs in the Mediterranean having even more operational diversity concluded the authors war.
–Bismarck Dorsetshire and Memories is the one other good book produced independently that we are fortunate to be able to read in addition to learn more about a sailors conflict. This one is superbly presented.
From -Warship World
A whole new BOOK
Many of our people will remember the marvellous DDH talk directed at the Society in 13 February 2004 by Ray Fastener called I WATCHED THE SINKING On the BISMARCK. Ray was on deck of HMS Dorsetshire the particular ship that terminated the last 2 torpedoes of which sunk the Bismarck and surely could watch the torpedoes in water and the final going of the Bismarck. He had been later on board if your Dorsetshire was sunk by a Western air attack off the coast of Ceylon. Ray has now written a novel entitled BISMARCK DORSETSHIRE and Remembrances and it comes strongly recommended as a quite personal and unconventional war history with a local Durban man. It is relevant to the article on our Major speakers talk last month.
Sourced from – Ray Lock possesses written a book called -Bismarck Dorsetshire and Memories which cover his or her years in the SA Dark blue during the Second World War. He or she initially tried to join the SA Airforce but then opted in for the Royal Navy. During the war Lewis was a crew-member of the ship cruiser Dorsetshire and took part in the sinking in the German battle-ship Bismarck on 27th Could 1941 when he or she was 18 years old. The ship had been ultimately sunk by the Japanese in the Far East. 233 adult men lost their life that day but 3 survived after flying in the sea for a lot of hours- and Ray had been one of those 3 He she still meets with one of the other two. Vernon Bodle whom now lives throughout Milnerton.
From SACS Old Guys magazine April 2006
-A very well presented ebook nicely printed high-quality photographs and most of most very interesting.-
I carefully enjoyed reading regarding the rich and varied life of the author which include being an eye-witness to the sinking of the Bismarck. Young followers will be especially curious and fascinated by Rays well-written ordeals from an earlier generation….and the horrors associated with war. A many revealing and excellent read

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