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Robby The Robot Fools Chumlee

Robby the robotBig Hoss greets a Hollywood legend as it’s carried into the pawn store. Robby the Robot’s main claim to fame was the movie Forbidden Planet back in 1956

Robby The Robot

  • Was designed by artist Robert Kinoshita in 1955 for MGM films
  • It appeared in over 25 films and many TV shows usually handling items too hot for human touch

Stanley actually has a pair of them that he picked up at an estate sale and wants to sell one; hoping to get 2 grand but would settle for $1200. This is about 55 years old and was handmade in Japan. It seems that many Japanese collectors are now trying to buy back these types of items. Chumlee, although mesmerized, spurts out that “it’s no R2D2.” Big Hoss recognizes that Robby has appeared in shows such as The Twilight Zone, Adams Family and even a 1996 AT&T commercial but he questions if this is genuine. The box actually says mechanized robot which explains some of his doubt.

Time for an expert opinion as Johnny the local toy guru gives it the once-over. Apparently MGM did not license Robby and that explains the plain vanilla box. Johnny adds that the box actually a contributes to it’s value of about $2200 since it’s in great shape overall. Chumlee now changes his tune to: “I guess it’s worth a couple of bucks.”

Big Hoss offers $800 and the negotiation ends with a sale at $1100 which left everyone happy.

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