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Ronald Dunbar Grammy Award

grammy award

Grammy Awards first given out in 1958
Patches reached #4 on the Billboard singles chart

Rick doesn’t have a clue about the song lol. The guy thinks its worth about 15k, but not when its Ronald Dunbar.
Rick wants it but its not like it was an artist. Rick is offering this guy a job, he can sell 😉

The guy says he will sell it for 6000 and Rick offers 1500, ……… $2350

DEAL $2350 this guy can bargain lol

Rick is excited and thinks he can get around $5000 for it.

7 Responses to Ronald Dunbar Grammy Award

  1. cheap says:

    when they test fire a guns on the show, they should clamp it to a saw horse and tie a string around the string

  2. donald sliter says:

    is this item for sale


  3. Tony says:

    That Grammy Award is actually Holland-Dozier-Holland, the great songwriting trio that left Mowtown, started their own record label. HDH penned a psuedonym Ron Dunbar..

    Just so you know

  4. Thierry Nihill says:

    Ronald Dunbar has posted on his Facebook page that he ‘got his Grammy back.’ Indication seems to be that a family member walked into the shop and purchased it to give back to him.

    Very cool end to a good story.

  5. Anne Jones says:

    Hey Rick,

    I know Ronald Dunbar; you really got a deal on the Grammy. (I saw the show)


  6. Vinicius says:

    The staff here in Brazil love the show. It really is very interesting. Success!

  7. Ron Dunbar says:

    Tony you don’t have your facts right. I am real

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