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Upgrading Oracle Software 11i to E-Business SuiteR12
Overview of enhance to R12
Upgrading a questionnaire from 11i to R12 will involve upgrading the repository side upgrading the middleware techstack and upgrading the approval side.
Supported update path for application side upgrade can be as given below.

In the event of database upgrade you will need to upgrade the data bank to 10gR2 10.Two.0. Because software R12 can be used only with 10g data bank.
Upgrade Process
Many upgrade functionality has been consolidated into a single unified upgrade car owner that performs the particular upgrade without reliance upon the information formerly captured on the AutoUpgrade screens.
Quick Install provides the the majority of up-to-date certified version regarding Oracle Applications products combined with certified technology pile components. In an improve it creates the new document system for the request middle tier factors and the new file system for the databases. After the upgrade you operate Rapid Install all over again to configure hosts and start services. Ronald dunbar patches
An upgrade also includes various manual steps including people that direct you to function scripts or use patches. You depend upon AutoPatch to apply all spots including the unified new driver that performs this upgrade to Release A dozen.
Upgrade Steps in simple
Here are the 4 simple steps briefly presented under for upgrade. Most of these steps are at quite high level of abstraction. We will precise each steps as we move on further.
1 Understand installed components system sizing data NLS considerations2 Plan for upgrade using Upgrade Manual ScriptTUMS.3 Upgrading to R12. For example upgrading the repository and applying the expected patches through AutoPatch.5 Post-Upgrade process. Complete the actual upgrade process through the use of the latest RUP patches and keep the system most current.
We wont be considering the well-designed upgrade task here.
Enhance steps in detail
Just one Understanding installed parts
Technology Stack Parts
Rapid Install routinely installs and configures the necessary technology stack elements for both the database rate and the application rate.The database level technology stack pertaining to both a new set up and for a system enhance is based on Oracle10g Release Two.The technology stack installed on the application level includes among additional components– Oracle 10g Software Server AS 12.1.2 space Oracle 10g Application Server Because 10.1.Three or more- Oracle Developer 10g contains Oracle Forms- Capuccino J2SE native plug-in 1.A few.0_08- Java Designer Kit JDK 5.Zero
Memory Requirements
To help calculate the storage requirements for an update consider the following- Number of concurrent customers- Infrastructure requirements for multi-tiered architectureWith regard to example-A test upgrade in the largest Oracle production process oraprod used the following– Database tier unit – 48 Gigabyte of memory– Application tier appliance – 12 GB of memoryAn exam upgrade of the Perspective database and program tier machine applied 6 GB associated with memory.
Database Sizing
To estimate the rise in required disk living space for upgrading take into account the products the number of dialects being installed along with changes in the data design.
For example-In a check upgrade of the largest Oracle production system oraprod your database increased 10-20 pct. In a test upgrade the Vision database increased 5 percent. Pertaining to guidelines based on upgrading of the Oracle production program oraprod see E-Business Suite Generate 12 Upgrade Sizing and Best Practices File ID- 399362.1.
Repository Backup
We strongly recommend that you just back up your entire technique before you begin the upgrade.
Database Initialization Parameters
Initialization boundaries required at each period of the upgrade may vary depending on when you change your database. Review the prerequisites for these parameters before starting. Refer to metalink note ID 396009.1 for initialization guidelines.Change the following initialization guidelines as specified underneath for upgrade procedure. Once the upgrade process completes reset the actual parameters back. db_file_multiblock_read_count space Remove this parameter. this isnt required. _db_file_optimizer_read_count 8-10 default setting is 8. Keep default setting. job_queue_processes set value of this parameters comparable to number of CPUs. parallel_max_servers set the value of this variables equal to twice the number of CPUs. pga_aggregate_target refer to metalink be aware ID 396009.1 with regard to recommended value.
Make sure that the temporary tablespace youve is locally monitored and not dictionary been able. You can check this information using below query.
select CONTENTSEXTENT_MANAGEMENTALLOCATION_TYPE from dba_tablespaces wherever tablespace_nameTEMP
Else when the extent management is not local you can decrease and recreate technical staffing tablespace using the below command.
NLS Upgrade Considerations
Pertaining to NLS considerations please make reference to Applications upgrade docs.
Character Sets
You must be careful while selecting the character set for APPL_TOP. Based on whether your Purposes system connects for the database during the up grade process you may be able to select a new persona set for the Release A dozen APPL_TOP on the Rapid Set up wizard upgrade window screens. However if you do the new set must be possibly identical to or that will work with the existing database personality set. If you affect the character set in the actual APPL_TOP to one that is not suitable for the current database personality set the improved system will be harmful.
SQL create TEMPORARY tablespace Technical staffing tempfile ts_p_temp1.dbf size 2048M EXTENT Operations LOCAL UNIFORM Sizing 1M
2 Prepare for enhance using Upgrade Manual ScriptTUMS and replacing database R12 upgrade approach involve replacing 11i Computer stack 9iAS 806 to Mix Middleware 10g Application Server Basic upgrade process will involve Rapid Install Autopatch Swift Install involves setting up new R12 tech heap as mentioned in initial point Auto patch process involves updating E-Business Suite database compatible to R12 Data Model Closing upgrade process is of updating data style using enhanced variation of AutoPatch Minimum edition from which you can up grade to R12 is 11.5.7 greater Minimum database type from which you can improve to R12 is 9i
As per Oracle R12 Upgrade Documentation Applications 11i Instance is categorised in Two Categories dependant on Apps DB Version
Category 1 – 12.5.7 13.5.8 11.5.9 CU1 11.5.10 CU1Type 2 – 11.5.9 CU2 13.5.10 CU2 or maybe 11.5.Twelve.2
Why we simply cannot upgrade database in order to before with regard to category 1 The reason being there is no Interoperability patch regarding above release was supported regarding 11.5.9 CU2 11.5.15CU2 only.
What are great things about Upgrading database to help before R12 up grade Downtime can be split up to two small downtimes a single for Database up grade another one for R12 upgrade and can be achieved throughout weekends or prolonged weekends depending on your system resources
The following dining room table lists the routes available for each of the E-Business Collection 11i releases supported for an upgrade to R12

Route A- Plan Improve to R12 Follow the typical R12 upgrade path as documented in the Oracle Programs Upgrade Guide- Generate 11i to Release 12. Carry out all requirements written about in Chapter 1 and all applicable measures in Chapter 2. Put in the R12 Technology Heap and 10.Only two.0.2 Oracle household Upgrade the Repository to 10.A couple of.0.3 Employ Database Patches Implement the database sections as per the metalink notice ID 403339.1. 6319846 regarding Linux Apply Oracle Assistance patch 5880762 conditional Total the R12 upgrade Conduct the remaining steps in Section 3 and all pertinent steps in Chapter 5 to complete the update to R12.
PATH W- Plan Upgrade in order to R12 Apply Database Areas Apply the repository patches as per your metalink note ID 403339.One. 6319846 for Linux Implement Oracle Service patch 5880762 depending Complete the R12 upgrade
PATH C- Plan Upgrade to R12 Enhance Database to Ten.2.0 Emulate R12 Upgrade or Make use of the 11i10.2.0 System Apply Database Spots Apply the data source patches as per this metalink note ID 403339.One. 6319846 for Linux Apply Oracle Service patch 5880762 conditional Complete the R12 up grade
In our case we have been following path C. We were having 14.5.10 CU2 request with 9i database. Were going to upgraded the data bank to 10GR2.
Then we can apply the databases patches as per metalink note ID 403339.1 and then service pack and after that will upgrade the application form to R12.
Now getting ready the application system is right up until main step 2 which includes upgrading the actual database as well. Coming from main step 3 upgrade process for R12 commences. You may wish to quit after carring out the improve for database work your business for some time could be few months and then select R12 upgrade. This gives a comparatively less downtime for ones existing application while you dont have to do just about all at the same time and can be accomplished in steps.
The Up grade Manual Script TUMS has a look at your current configuration and helps to create a report that provides upgrade tasks that wont apply to your system. This report contains details that is unique in your system configuration consequently its output is applicable to your individual improve. Omitting the steps classified by the TUMS report could significantly reduce upgrade downtime.You create the TUMS report by applying the Release 11i patch which often loads objects into the APPS schema that TUMS employs to examine your Purposes configuration. Your current Applications environment is not damaged.
Below are the list associated with steps I am bringing up which are the required measures. I am skipping your conditional steps here in order to make it brief. You can as well check the oracle documentation with the complete steps.
Step 1 Apply latest AD patch level. The most up-to-date AD patch is definitely 11i.AD.I.Half a dozen and checkin number is actually 6502082.SQL select patch_level from fnd_product_installationsA couple of where patch_level like -AD
Step 2 Run TUMS utility space Download and use TUMS patch 5120936. This will offer you one script -adtums.sql- which youll run to generate the report.- To generate the particular reportcd AD_TOPpatch115sqlsqlplus Or adtums.sql is where the record file will get made. You need to create listing in database using create directory control. Also the directory path you are mentioning here should exists in UTL_FILE_DIR.
SQL generate directory APPS_DIR as -usrtmp
Listing created.
applmgrocvmrh2081 sql sqlplus appsapps adtums.sql APPS_DIR
step 3 Become Multiple Organizations architectural mastery
Step 4 Review shapes of old as well as new tablespaces
Step 5 Operate AD preparation website programsDownload patch 5726010. This will provide 3 programs adgncons.sql adgrants_nt.sql adgrants.sql. Script adgrants_nt.sql is not regarding Linux and so is usually ignored.- First run the set of scripts adgncons.sql. This will create piece of software adcrtbsp.sql. This script adcrtbsp.sql produces the new tablespaces allocates unlimited tablespace to all or any APPS users improvements fnd_product_installation table with correct data and index tablespace info assigns default tablespace to all Software users and models the new_ts_mode flag throughout fnd_product_groups to Y.
applmgrocvmrh2081 5726010 sqlplus appsapps adgncons.sql blog apps
Run adcrtbsp.sql using system user Identity and password from database side
applmgrocvmrh2081 5726010 sqlplus systemmanager adcrtbsp.sql
adgrants.sql will grants SYS privileges needed by Applications and creates required views with SYS.
You need to run this kind of command -as sysdba-. This will fast you for FND_ORACLE_USERID operator. You need to enter -applsys- if this prompts.
Step 6 Accumulate schema statistics for CBOAccomplished by Submitting -Gather Schema Statistics- contingency request for -ALL- schemas.
Step Seven Backup DatabaseTake the backup involving database before we go further having upgrade process
Phase 8 Upgrading the database from 9i for you to 10g. You can refer to upgrade database in Oracle purposes 11i post to have detailed steps. The data source version should be 10.2.0.Two
Step 9 Prepare the application for update. You need to run the rapid wizard in upgrade mode. It will create the required report system install the necessary techstack components. Below are your screen flow for similar.
After running this kind of wizard you will find that the existing application is actually intact and also a completely new file system has been produced for you.
All your companies should be up and running. The 11i application should be unchanged. You might face a problem that services exclusively Apache wont come up as well as your URL wont available. In this case you can check if your services get started from -inst- directory that acquired created after you operate the wizard.
You are able to go to location u01appapplmgrinstappsadminscripts and also run script coming from that location. If your services were started out from this location it will be stopped. Then you can definitely start the services rear from COMMON_TOPadminscript location.
Likewise during running in the wizard configuration data will be written for you to following files. you are able to at your prompt and itll list the setup files.
Configuration document written to- u01apporacledbtech_st10.Only two.0appsutilconf_PROD.txtConfiguration file published to- u01appapplmgrappsapps_stappladminocvmrh2081conf_PROD.txtConfiguration document written to- u01appapplmgrinstappsPROD_ocvmrh2081conf_PROD.txt
Three or more Upgrade Process
Here are the steps intended for upgrade process from 11.5.15.CU2 to 12.3.0. Till we have now just prepared the application for upgrade. Producing the neccessary filesystem format and database up grade was part of be prepared for upgrade.
Step 1 Banned application tier listeners and concurrent managers
Step 2 Back up your database – Again take a backup. I am not outrageous asking backup so many times however in case we encounter any issue in case we dont have latest stable backup we will be helpless.
Step 3 Ensure that Routine maintenance Mode is permitted – Put the application in maintenance mode
Step 4 Apply Launch 12 AD minipack 4502962For applying this patch you must go in R12 APPL_TOP directory along with source the env report present in that APPL_TOP. This really is becasue you will be applying this spot to your new APPL_TOP but not 11i APPL_TOP. So make sure to supplier env file present in brand new APPL_TOP.
Step 5 Run the particular American English upgrade patch driver u4440000.drvPertaining to applying this patch additionally you need to go in R12 APPL_TOP service and source the particular env file present in that APPL_TOP.
Step 6 Run this NLS upgrade patch new driver conditional
For various other product related measures and NLS synchronization please check the particular Oracle Upgrade docs for 11i to R12.
Step 8 Disable Maintenance Function
Once these step are carried out last step is finishing the upgrade process. Follow the below steps.
A single generate upon appmgr side and duplicate the same to fresh ORACLE_HOME. The new ORACLE_HOME directory framework will be created seeing that u01apporacledbtech_st10.2.0Two unzip in fresh ORACLE_HOME3 run autoconfig inside new ORACLE_HOME
Once these types of steps are done operate rapid install yet again by provding the config data file which was generated prior to. The file place as we noted down before is u01appapplmgrappsapps_stappladminocvmrh2081conf_PROD.txt
After these steps are executed the application system is going to be configured and ready for use. This wraps up the upgrade activity from 11i to R12.
Personal references-
Metalink Note ID – 394692.1Metalink Note ID – 403339.1Metalink Note ID – 396009.One particularMetalink Note ID – 329476.One particularMetalink Note ID – 215527.One

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