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Schweizer SGS 2-33 Glider

  • Two seat training glider
  • Produced from 1967 to 1981

Oh man Chum thought they were going to get sliders not a glider. he is bummed not to mention hungry! lol

The dude was renting the house and took the glider as some rent lol. It’s in pieces, but supposedly solid.

The tails is mashed up pretty bad. Vegas is a great place for gliders, but Rick needs to fix this puppy up.

Rick needs to bring in an expert. To be continued….

ok we got an expert. Gliders are pretty basic and he says needs a little TLC, but it seems fairly solid.

Looking at about 6-6500 for repair. Would prob sell for around  $15000

The owner wants $2000 for it. Rick $1500… Counter for $1800

DEAL $1500

Rick gonna make some cheese on this…

This thing is cleaned up real nice! Wow great job guys!  Who is gonna test fly this thing? hehe

Good thing is there was no structural issues except for the wings, so they replaced the wings for $1000 a piece.

Repair costs? $8000 gulp….. plus $1500 to buy … total cost $9500

Rick will make some loot on it no worries. Holy Crap they are putting ChuM in it. This ain’t right man!

Hahahahahahhahahah Gotta love the Chum Meister!


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  1. Dean Grossenbach says:

    You made a mistatement of fact about gliders in WW11,
    What really hapened was the troops rode the gliders all the way down, they didn’t jump from them.
    You might want to correct your statement.

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