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Spying At The Pawn Shop

spy camera1950’s German Spy Camera

  • The first Minox spy camera was designed by Walter Zapp in 1936
  • The CIA defines spy as anyone who provides intel about his country to another country

The spy camera was one of the first tools involved in espionage. American magician John Mullholland taught CIA agents slight of hand techniques as early as 1953 which came in handy to use these cameras.

A guy walking into the pawn store with one passed down from his grandfather, would like to get $150 to help him celebrate his 30th birthday. It’s in good shape considering it’s age.

Big Hoss notes how spy movies became very popular in the 60’s as James Bond movies fascinated the American public. The only value that something like this would have would be to a collector of old photographic equipment as it’s certainly no super-valuable.

The seller asks for $100 after hearing Big Hoss minimize the value of this in numerous ways. Big Hoss then notices that the serial number is scratched off and there’s a name scribed into the case. This is a big red flag as anything a scratched-off serial number and a name that’s not that of the owner is a red flag. It may even be illegal for him to display and sell it. Next case as there won’t be any offer at all.

5 Responses to Spying At The Pawn Shop

  1. Dawud Jarjuura says:

    Big Boss was wrong on two counts:

    1) the camera actually was used both by the U.S. and U.S.S.R. during the cold war.
    2) film and processing is available even today, in 2012.

  2. larry says:

    Thanks for your comment. I guess it proves that nobody can truely be an expert on all the many different subjects that come up on this show. Ya gotta give them credit though; if nothiong else but trying!

  3. Bill McCord says:

    I believe this is my camera.. I owned a Minox B years ago & still have images photographed from it. I would love for the owner to contact me.

    Contact info is on my website,

    Bill McCord

  4. larry says:

    That would be too small of a world! Perhaps if the owner sees your post on here being contacted by him may become a reality.

  5. Matti Kaki says:

    This comes slightly delayed but I’m sure that TV company has contacts of this guy. Ask there.

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