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Now is a great time to jump on money making opportunities in real estate and also tax lien investing. In economic downturns similar to were in at this time many investors use up all your investment capital. They may choosing a lump sum money in other ventures — like the stock market or perhaps mutual funds and have to pull back from investing in real estate just when its the perfect time to purchase. That means less rivalry and more opportunity for you. Im seeing and this opportunities right now throughout tax lien committing and in purchasing real estate property at auctions. Partly I of this line Ill discuss precisely why I think this is a best time to get started with tax lien trading and in Part 2 of this series I am going to talk about why real estate property auctions are a great potential for investors that have far more cash available.

Now is the time to go to tax income. I just bought three new tax liens in a tax sale the other day. All three were obtained at 18 per cent. Stagecoach shor gunshot for sale A couple weeks earlier I had purchased three liens too two at 10 and one at Eighteen percent. And I am hearing from clients which were successful at duty lien sales too. Now this might not appear to be much to you but I invest in New Jersey the spot that the municipality conducts taxes sales not the county. This means that there are many tax sales however fewer properties throughout each sale and you have to attend a few taxes sales just to put together a small portfolio associated with tax liens. Its not similar to other areas of the country for you are county gross sales with hundreds at times thousands of liens available. In most of the tax income that I attend there are many bidders than there are properties in the sale. Im seeing a change in that trend where by now there are less bidders showing up towards the tax sales and more properties available. It is a sign of the times.

As soon as tax lien buyers run out of money many people stop paying the subsequent taxes on their liens and those properties wind up in the tax sale the following year. My business is finding that a couple of buyers who used to be regulars at these sales shall no longer be there. They are not paying of the subsequent taxes within the liens that they purchased a year ago and they are not appearing at the tax sale to bid on these individuals. I was able to pick-up a lien for the last sale that we went to that was someone elses prior lien. Id been able to pay the subsequent income taxes on that mortgage as well and get the maximum interest rate on my subs 18 percent. Normally I dont recommend paying for tax lien vouchers that have prior tax liens on them. But if the prior lien holder isnt going to show up at the income tax sale then I go ahead and purchase your lien if I conducted my due diligence for the property. If the past lien-holder does foreclose on this lien your lien remains on the property if they dont receive it and you can foreclose at the same time when the redemption period on your lien ends.

Stagecoach shor gunshot for sale Penny auctions are on-line Web sites that market merchandise to the greatest bidder. Unlike almost all auction sites such as auction web sites penny auction sites make use of a relatively new sales style called the bidding fee model. Just for this the participants must spend money each time many people choose to bid on an item for sale.
A penny public auction bid varies throughout price depending on the Site but they normally cost anywhere from fifty mere cents to one dollar every bid. A penny public auction bid may be acquired in packs often inside groups of ten 30 50 or One hundred bids at a time. Internet sites significantly dont lower price the per-bid cost upon quantity purchases yet packages of offers are often put up for sale on the Websites making it possible to obtain a package deal of dollar auction bids under a the full retail price. This kind of of course encourages nevertheless more bidding on the site members.

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