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Steve McQueen “Bullitt” Movie Poster


Rick seems to be a big fan!

  • Steve McQueen lived 1930 – 1980
  • His movies earned over $300 million at box office

The guy paid $3900 for it at a silent auction. Steve McQueen did a lot of the driving in the movie.  His nickname was the King of Cool 😉

Robert Duvall autograph on it too. Rick is def interested, but lets see what this guy wants for it.

He wants to sell it and is looking for……..

Rick wants to call in an expert! Drew is called in as the expert and hasn’t really seen a movie poster, but of course knows the movie. It is great cause it has most the cast which makes it more legit. Steve McQueen autograph is pretty rare. It is looking very promising. Drew is saying the poster is prob worth $1000 without the sigs, but with them its worth 0 the sigs are bad! DanG!!!

Can’t believe it. Rick is disappointed.


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