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Steven Tyler’s Harmonica

steve Tyler harmonicaI guess it’s one of his trademarks. Steve Tyler even played a harmonica as a guest on 2 1/2 men last year.

As the front man for Aerosmith, I’m sure there’s lots of history and odd moments. One of those moments was the reception to him changing the words to the end of The Star Spangled Banner as the official band of an Indy 500 race. The crowd wasn’t thrilled to hear “home of the Indy 500” instead of home of the brave!

Well that story along with the fact that Steve threw his harmonica in the air made the newspapers. David, our wanna be seller today presents this newspaper clipping along with a harmonica that he claims is the one that Tyler threw. David said that he was in the lead-off band that day and caught the flying instrument. Sounds good especially with the newspaper as proof, right?

The problem that Rick pointed out was that Hohner, Inc is a very popular harmonica brand. In fact they’ve sold over 400 million of them! With no markings that this harmonica is the one that Steve Tyler threw, how does anyone know that it came from Tyler?

Rick boasts about being a huge Aerosmith fan but wants “rock solid proof” that this actually touched Tylers lips. No proof, no value, no offer!


2 Responses to Steven Tyler’s Harmonica

  1. cozmo says:

    why don’t you get Steven Tyler to give you a dna sample with his signature? There has to be a way to get his DNA and match it up with that in the hermonica you have.

    I don’t like pawn stars for my own reason. But I would like something good to come to this.

  2. larry says:

    Hey, great idea! Although have fun getting a DNA sample from Tyler

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