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Taj Mahal Sunken Treasure

taj mahal treasure

Season 2 Episode 2

Wow this is a treasure!!
Discovered March 22 1961 off Sri Lanka and is the most well known Indian sunken treasure.

This is a big clump of rupees. Supposedly there were only 3 ever found and now there are 2. Arthur C Clarke found these. Clark also wrote 2001 a space oddysey.

Rick is pumped and wants this bad! Individual rupees go for $300.

This guy did a documentary for Arthur C Clarke and got a hold of the treasure to sell for the family.

This is the real deal! So what does this guy want for it? $700,000 Dang!!!!!

This is 1 of 2 clumps in the whole world. What will Rick do? The guy told him it didn’t meet reserve at auction so he has to be cautious.
Rick offers 200k and the dude is being a bit cocky about it.

No deal!! What a nice addittion it would be to have.

Old man would have flipped!! hahah

coin 230 x 120

2 Responses to Taj Mahal Sunken Treasure

  1. Chetan sharma says:

    How old is this treasure?

  2. Gregory says:

    how often do these come to your pawn shop on the game?

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