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Tatto Kit

tattoo kit

Season 2 Episode 4

  • Electric tattoo machine invented by Samuel O’Reilly in 1891
  • Cost brand new $450

This looks like a nice little kit! Also has a pressure sanitzer. Cory says he has over $6,000 of ink on his arms.

Dude is looking $400 for it and Cory offers $300

Chumlee offers him an extra $50 if he draws of portrait of Chum and Cory.

Hahahah this guy draws chumlee with angel wings.

Dude goes home happy.

Sold $350

Cory is trying to trade the tattoo kit for a new tattoo.

Deal! Cory is getting a pocket watch on his arm. nice

Hehe Cory is getting crap for this!! haha They are pissed.

Old man says he owes him $500 and overtime. Now Cory is making the old man tell the story. The old not about me story!!

Hahahah he got a tattoo with the wifes name spelled wrong!! Oh man that is bad!! old man was drunk. Lets get back to work fellas!

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