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The James Gang At The Pawn Store

James gang wantedAccording to Rick, this could be the Holy Grail of cowboy stuff! Rare James gang photos enter the pawn store wrapped up in paper towels and Rick feels that if they are real, they would be a ridiculously big find! The James gang was one of the most notorious criminal groups in history. Although some people compared them to Robin-hood, there is no evidence that they robbed for anything other than themselves.

  • Jesse Woodson James lived from 1847 – 1882
  • Jesse ran the James gang for 16 years

Now these photos are old and are actually on tin and not paper. Rick explains that due to the chemicals used for developing photos back then, paper prints would basically self destruct instead of keeping the memory. So these are real old photos but are they of Jesse James and his gang?

With the seller hoping to get $60k for these, the pawn star needs an expert opinion even after the seller tells of matching the photos to know images of Jesse on the Internet. Mark the museum administrator comes to give his opinion and can’t help but comment that the James gang basically invented the bank robbery!  He goes on to note that the guys in the photo would have been an unusual grouping for a Kodak moment and also how unlikely it is to find unknown photos like this. Bottom line is that he doesn’t think that they’re real. Rick would pay about 10 buck for each of the 11 photos but as you can guess, the seller will go elsewhere to see if someone, somewhere may accept them as authentic.

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