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The Mob At The Pawn Store

Lucky Luciano wanted posterLuck Luciano was a notorious Mafia Don. He immigrated from Italy at a young age and Corey noted that he started his first gang as a teenager in NYC but later brought a business aspect to the Mafia. I guess you could say that he’s responsible for the organized in organized crime!

  • Born Salvatore Lucania in 1897; died in 1962 – probably natural causes
  • Charged with first crime when 10 years old – shoplifting

Rick thinks he was involved in the killing of Bugsy Seigel, another infamous hood. Luciano basically modernized organized crime by instituting the commission – sort of like a board of directors with checks and balances. In 1937, I guess the law caught up with him as he went to prison. He wound up being deported back to Italy after serving just 10 years of a 30 – 50 year sentence. This actually was the result of earlier assistance that his Italian connections provided to our government which paved the way for the Allied Invasion during WWII. I guess you can say he was a patriotic hero, of sorts. But did he wear a special ring that signified his authority? What would that ring be worth today?

A guy brings a signet ring to the pawn stars shop with a story that may very well be true. This guys mom passed the ring on to him after she hid it for over 40 years. An unnamed underworld figure gave it to her years ago for safekeeping as it represented the pinnacle of authority in this underworld of crime. Close up, the ring isn’t exactly something pleasant to look at as it’s got the face of what the owner called the devil (and it does look like what we may expect the devil to look like!). He also said that rumor had it that there was certainly blood on it – probably both figuratively and physically. The guy wants 100 grand and Rick is certainly interested in learning more.

The big issue here is whether this ring actually belonged to Don Lucky. Rick enlists Jonathan whose the Executive Director Of The MOB Museum out here. Jonathan is very familiar with Lucky Luciano,  his escapades and history. He asks our potential seller for some documentation to back up this story. Unfortunately, nothing exists.  The would be seller understands and said he’ll take the suggestion from Jonathan and search for photos or anything else that may prove that this signet ring actually did belong to Lucky Luciano. All agree that if it can be proven, this ugly piece of jewelry may be worth a bundle to some.

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