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USAG has specific gymnastics skills requirements and deductions for each and every gymnastics level. These are the requirements and gymnastics skills for a level 56 front handspring vault level 5 and 6 do similar vault.
USAG enables all gymnasts to accomplish two vaults. The highest score on the two gymnastics vault shall be the score that could be counted. Every gymnast has approximately 3 operating approaches as long as they do not touch the springboard andor vault table. When the gymnast touches the board or gymnastics vault and will not go over this will count as one of their vaults this vault will acquire a score of zero.
What the judges appear for in a gymnastics stage 56 front handspring vault…
Operate…The very first thing a judge will start looking at would be the gymnasts run. they want the run to get even strong and accelerated the gymnast Will need to not sluggish up previously they hurdle advert punch the spring board
PREFLIGHT…the preflight is aka the initial flight. Through the preflight the gymnasts arms should always swing forward right up until the gymnast has total shoulder extension shoulders are opened. Tortuga arms armour During this time the head will need to continue to be neutral even though only the eyes target to the hand placement. During the preflight the gymnast will need to manage a straight restricted hollow human body positions with legs squeezed collectively and hips opened no pike. Inside preflight the gymnast will have to attain close to vertical but no greater than vertical. This is attained by driving the heals up and backwards.
Make contact with…once the gymnasts arms make contact with the gymnastics vault table the gymnast Will need to rapidly and forcefully extend their shoulders this is best-known as blocking towards the vault without bending their arms. This could trigger the gymnast to depart the vault table especially brief and in close proximity to vertical.
POSTFLIGHT…the gymnast need to retain the identical placement as the preflight…head neutral while within a straight and restricted hollow physique place. The gymnast have to keep on rotating right until they land in demi-plie.
Complete… after the gymnasts ft make contact with the mat the gymnast need to a bit bend knees to soak up the landing this will likely guide the gymnast stick it though their arms drop down to their facet. When the gymnast has full control in the landing they need to lengthen their legs to some straight stand and elevate their arms to finish inside a V placement.
Here is a listing of more penalties a gymnast can obtain on a front handspring vault.
Body placement – Piked – Arched Legs – Bent – Separated Ft – Not pointed
Operate AND PREFLIGHT Operate – Lacks velocity – Lacks energy – No acceleration – Not straight Wrong vault carried out Support of Coach
Get hold of
Arms – Bent – Shoulders not open up displaying a shoulder angle Head contacts vault Failure to go away the vault previously the gymnast goes previous vertical Arms – Supplemental hand placement transferring hands when they speak to the vault table – Preserving palms for the vault table for far too very long – Touching with only one hand – Not touching the vault in any way
POSTFLIGHT Not adequate peak Not adequate distance Any get in touch with with human body at the end from the vault table Apart from once the gymnast arms very first have contact
LANDING Ft – Hop – Shift – Move – Jump
Further arm swing Supplemental physique movement to take care of equilibrium Incorrect shape place Deep squat Touching the landing mat with any element or system other than feet Touching the vault table with any component of entire body Not landing ft to start with. Tortuga arms armour GENERAL PRINCIPLES-

POSTURE feet parallel at shoulders width.Maintain an erect and relaxed posture with your weight towards the tip of the feet like if you had to slip a sheet of paper under your heels.Knees are slightly bent as if to sit on a stool.The head is like suspended from the ceiling with a thread.Relax your muscles as a great deal as you are able to.

BREATHING use the balloon system of respiration to help your system lengthen loosen up and broaden.

BREATHE IN thru the nose in each of the pauses in between movements expanding the physique in all directions like a balloon use your imagination. Let your belly loosen up and broaden.

Through the movements BREATHE OUT by means of your slightly opened mouth as if to blow up a balloon to activate your abdominal muscles.

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