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US Navy Uniform

WWII Navy Uniform

Season 2 Episode 4

First Navy uniform regulations issued in 1791. The official navy colors are blue and gold.

Jorge wants to sell this uniform he found in a storage unit. The old man served in the Navy so he is saying its a WWII uniform and Rick thinks its WWI

Jorge is looking for $150 and Old Man gives him a stiff NO!! $50 lol You gotta love the Old Man

Sold for $50. Rick and the Old man are having a bet to see if its WWI or WWII. Who will win? Expert is getting called in.

Mark is the admin of the Clark County Museum and has come to settle the dispute.

OLD Man wins the Dollar!! lol What makes it a WWII uniform? It had a Ruptured Duck sewn into it. Well it used to be sewn into it.

6 Responses to US Navy Uniform

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  3. Steve Momano says:

    FYI, guys, that’s a British Naval Officer’s uniform!

  4. william eyestone says:

    the rank on the sleeve is british lt. commander. if this is the coat that was verified by mark as ww2 navy they all need to go back to school. check out the ribbons. my dad was in ww2 navy and he got the rupture duck pin not the patch.

  5. william eyestone says:

    did some checking and on season 2 #13 the uniform show is ww2 us navy enlisted and not an officer.
    don’t where this uniform picture came from.

  6. larry says:

    Hi William, Thanks for the information and the posts. The pictures in the posts are the closest things that we can find to the actual article in the show. With only the ability of using non-copyrighted photos, the selection is somewhat limited but we do the best that we can.

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