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Giving and Receiving- This Karma of Good Company
My name is Danny Welsh and Im an entrepreneur marketing consultant and also real estate investor which believes in doing for others is not only pleasant but also fun and will be a profitable routine. I call this the Karma of good enterprise.
I like to give time and money to non-profit efforts big stuff like helping build a college and church inside the Sudan and smaller items like volunteering with An environment for Humanity breast cancers initiatives training packages for kids like teaching financial management guidance and spending time with instill kids etc. My partner and i give to a couple chapels and believe in the potency of the tithe i.e. sowing seeds.
I really like sending thank you notes which might be handwritten when another person has been kind in my experience and am shocked that people enjoy that little gift a lot I also send Christmas cards to lots more people every year currently above 350.
And I really dont expect anything specifically in return from any of such things.
But you know what This tendency to offer to others has had an amazing effect on my business profession. Vampire danny koker
In fact its controversial that my greatest business actions and at last though not initially most profitable sprung from a desire to offer for free to other individuals. Again the Karma of good business in helping others I have been assisted.
I gave absent my time for years working for free for a number of unique successful entrepreneurs operational seminars marketing and also real estate. I made it easier for these real estate investors online marketers and seminar management with marketing copy writing writing research bash and event planning and promotion info product sales and on as well as on.
The result is that today Im a successful entrepreneur with growing businesses within each of these areas.
We gave away thousands and thousands of real estate online video trainings and electronic books in 2008 inside The Greatest Real Estate Giveaway hope you like the name– along with ended up selling several products and services to people afterwards who were grateful to the gift up front.
I started giving away free subscriptions in a social network for sure estate investors years back and that has snowballed in to one of the most trafficked real estate sites in the world– and now my personal partners and I can recruit new prospective investors for our unique real estate projects via among the members who recognize our position as leaders to have founded the circle.
I began an apprenticeship method for a couple dozen aspiring entrepreneurs internet marketers in addition to real estate investors annually this season and I do it free of charge for a full 6 months teaching them up to I can about enterprise real estate and world-wide-web marketing– and a number of them have gone on to partner with me in business in 2011 thus widening my ability to earn more income.
Im not sure where the inspiration came from for supplying.
I just have constantly enjoyed the smiles and appreciation along with respect from other individuals.
Making money is a great reward but Ive by no means made it my chief aim frankly.
There is certainly an awful lot of I in every single sentence in what Ive truly written but the excellent part about presenting Ive found that is if you create it about THEM the actual I will always receive.
Simple truth is I love to give.
A couple of times Ive found it difficult. Plus some people simply cannot get so why try People do not deserve gift ideas from anyone then when you learn that you just stop trying to give.
Each and every gift to me is a bit more good karma.
I wouldnt expect always to obtain from those to to whom I give.
I merely seem to receive from somewhere more and more a lot more I give which is enough for me.
Nevertheless giving in my business dealings with others as Ive shared provides always had a good return affect coming from somewhere.
Its the sowing seeds basic principle.
And it works in life plus in business.
I intend to give as much as I will to as many as I can for as long as I can.
Hope you too get a smile from some of my own gifts.
– Danny Welsh
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