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Memory is a basic component of computer systems.This is the fourth in a series of articles about memory.The previous articles are listed below.
Article 1 memory basics
Article 2 memory parity
Article 3 memory history and types

This post covers various kinds of memory that most computer systems use major and secondary.

Primary vs. secondary memory
Main memory could be the RAM in computers.Generally it truly is exactly where the laptop stores programs and details when it really is making use of them.That is thought to be relatively brief term memory.

Secondary memory is your disk drive.Frequently programs and data are stored there when the pc isnt making use of them.This can be deemed more long lasting memory.

There aredifferences involving these two memory types. What is the truck that counts kustoms drives They each have their strengths and weaknesses.Your computer system couldnt do all it does if it lacked either 1 of these memory sorts.

What every single memory form is used for
When the computer system is booted the operating program like Windows or Linux is read from the disk drive and loaded into RAM.From that point on the operating method is accessed from RAM.When applications are began they may be study from the disk drive and positioned in RAM and are then run from RAM.Information for each the operating system and programs are study from the disk and stored in RAM.

Once the laptop is shut off all of its programs and information are stored on the disk drive.

Comparing and contrasting the two memory types
Look in the following chart.Well examine and contrast speed capability and volatility in between main and secondary memory and see why each is employed the way it truly is.

Notice that RAM and disk drives are very distinctive when compared utilizing these three criteria.Lets see which a single wins in every single of these 3 comparisons.Then well see the benefits and drawbacks of every a single.
The speed of accessing RAM averages 1 access every 10 nanoseconds once every ten billionths of a second.Disk drives however typical 1 access just about every 10 milliseconds after each ten thousandths of a second.RAM could be the winner right here.The truth is RAM is roughly 1 million occasions more quickly than disk drivesThats a huge distinction in speed.

When these programs need to run they have to run as swiftly as possible.They could possibly be run from the disk drive however they would run 1 million times slower than from RAM.So for speed they may be run from RAM.

Disk drives are the clear winner right here.Disk drives can store as much as 1000 instances far more than RAM.A single gigabyte is one billion bytes of memory.RAM capacities are often as much as eight gigabytes.Disk drives can store 1000 gigabytes or extra.

Computers ought to have the ability to retailer substantial numbers of program files when not in use.They could not possibly all be placed in RAM simultaneously.So theyre stored on disk when not made use of.

The word volatile suggests that memory is lost when energy is shut off.Non-volatile indicates that power isnt essential to preserve memory.Disk drives are the winner since they are non-volatile.

Programs and data have to be preserved when the laptop is powered down.So they may be stored on disk when not made use of so theyre going to be preserved.

This fourth article compares and contrasts two forms of memory.It is possible to see why both are crucial and why the two are essential.Study far more about memory starting up with article a single memory fundamentals.
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