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What kind of tow truck does counts kustoms drive

Transmission shops charge about 500 to remove and install a Ford F150 transmission. If your Ford F150 needs a new transmission consider removing and installing the transmission at home. You can save yourself a good deal of money and it takes only several hrs to finish. Eliminate a Ford F150 transmission in the home using a tiny guide from a friend and some prevalent resources most house mechanics have obtainable.
Problems- Demanding
Elements You will need Floor jack four jack stands Drainage pan Ratcheting wrench 18-inch extension Sockets Crescent wrench Box wrench Open conclude wrench Plastic tie straps Screwdrivers
oneUse a hydraulic floor jack to elevate the Ford F150 elevated sufficient off the ground that one could pull the transmission out from underneath the car.
twoPut jack stands less than the trucks body rails a single on each side in the truck. Decrease the truck onto the jack stands and take away the adjustable floor jack from its lifting place. What kind of tow truck does counts kustoms drive
3Loosen the transmission pan bolts which includes a ratchet wrench and socket. Put a drainage container underneath the transmission pan and drain the fluid. Replace the pan but do not tighten the bolts fully. Get rid off the utilized fluid and thoroughly clean the give good results region of spills.
4Elevate the hood within the truck and find the transmission fluid fill tube. Get rid off the fluid degree stick inside the tube.
5Locate the transmission bolt that secures the fill tube and loosen it. Get rid off the tube by pulling upward insert the fluid dipstick back into your tube and set it aside.
6Disconnect the drive shaft from the rear axle by taking away the two U bolts that fasten the generate shaft and rear axle together and put the automobile in neutral. Pitch the universal joint to ensure one particular bearing cap is close to the yoke in addition to the other is pointed absent.
7Turn the drive shaft the two yokes will separate although the universal joint stays together with the generate shaft. To separate the drive shaft in the rear axle flip the generate shaft and pitch the four-way bearings in order that they are usually freed from your rear axle yoke. When a single bearing cap is in close to the yoke the opposite comes absolutely free from it and allows for your turning movement to separate the 2.
eightDrop the rear for the generate shaft beneath the axle and pull the drive shaft out of the stop in the transmission. You could possibly ought to faucet the generate shaft by having a hammer to get the spindle with the generate shaft to come back from the back again with the transmission.
nineUse a box-end wrench and an open-end wrench to accessibility the nuts and bolts concerning the front within the transmission along with the motor. Turn the fly wheel each time you clear away one of the torque converter bolts so you can access the subsequent one. Make use of the trucks starter to turn the fly wheel adequate to accessibility the following torque converter bolt.
tenProtected the torque converter in location with tie straps as soon as the many torque converter bolts are out. Loop tie straps via two torque converter bolt holes and tie it back again into the transmission bell housing.
elevenSpot a floor jack less than the transmission pan. A little elevate the transmission up so any downward strain onto the transmission cross member is relieved. Take out the cross member that lies below the transmission tail. A transmission cross member consists of fasteners at each conclude that protected it towards the trucks body and two bolts that fasten the transmission towards the cross member. Use ratcheting wrenches and open conclusion wrenches to loosen and remove these fasteners. Along with the transmission bodyweight currently being supported by the adjustable floor jack take away the transmission cross member.
12Loosen every single bell housing bolt around the front of your transmission using a ratcheting wrench extension and socket. After all of the bell housing bolts are eliminated the transmission will sit in spot on two alignment posts. As the previous couple of bolts occur out ensure the fat is balanced correctly to prevent it falling from the jack.
thirteenReduced the transmission slowly onto the floor. Do away with the floor jack from below the Ford F150 transmission and reduce it to your ground manually along with the guide of the friend. Pull it out from less than the truck.
Guidelines Warnings
Use tape to hold the Ford F150 drive shaft cap bearing in area after the generate shaft has been removed. These cap bearings can fall from their positions and become damaged if not held in put with tape although the generate shaft is out.
An extension that can reach in at an angle will assistance you reach the transmission bell housing bolts.
Never get in a placement where you become trapped less than a car with a heavy bodyweight on your chest. Always have a good friend ready to enable you raise or carry heavy loads from beneath a vehicle. What kind of tow truck does counts kustoms drive This kind of assignment was should be about trucks e-mail I know that a Durango is undoubtedly an SUV. My daughter-in-law phone calls her Durango a truck so I decided i do have a story to express to you about the reason my Durango is the best pickup truck I ever owned or operated. Quite simply it is a present that carries a important memory for me.
Vehicles Trucks and Sport utility vehicles- Whats Best
You know how you enjoy a certain kind of motor vehicle best There really is no rational reason for that. Some people like autos the best and some persons like trucks much better.

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