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mini indian motorcylce

Season 2 Episode 2

The Pawn Stars have a chance to buy a wonderfully rare 1970s Indian mini-motorcycle. Will they purchase the little hog and revive it to its previous glory, or will all of them be taken for a long bumpy ride and find out it’s a fake? Then Rick and the Old Man consider buying a ship’s bell believed to have once been salvaged from a 1600s shipwreck. With suspicion the bell wasn’t submerged in salt water, the Pawn Stars will have to decide if the deal will ring true or crack under stress. And later, a man takes an opportunity at selling his classic 1900s roulette wheel. Will Rick take a gamble with luck on his side, or does the deal spin out of control and put him in the red?

One Response to Wheels

  1. Joey Ryder says:

    Would you consider buying another one of the Indian Motorcycles? The motor is not seized up and it is in alot better shape.

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