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Would You Like Some Sassafras?

Dads root beer

Roots are often dried and steeped for tea, and sassafras root formerly was used as a flavoring in root beer. Sassafras was banned for use as a flavor and food additive by the FDA because of their carcinogenic potential.

Well this guy comes in carrying an old metal sign/thermometer similar to this one and expects that he’ll get enough money to take his niece and her husband out for a nice dinner. I guess everyone’s nice is different! Rick agrees that root beer used to be more popular than it is today – like in colonial times when it had sasafras in it. He goes on to say that metal signs like this sell like hotcakes; if it were for Coke!

This sign is from the 50’s or 60’s and not exactly in perfect condition. Rick and the guy bargain but the old man seemed to have a soft spot for this and blessed a deal at $45. The guy will probably wind up at McDonalds!

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