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WWII Training Models

cut away gun
  • Used 1920s-1960s at military boot camps
  • Loaded like authentic guns but use plastic bullets

These are no joke!! They really used them this big?

It looks like something out of HALO or something lol.

Haha this guy played with them as a kid and pointing them at cars hhahahahahha.

Wow this dude is looking for 10k1-2k a piece. Not  happening!

Rick offers a grand a piece…. counter 5k… Rick says $2500 for both of them.


Sell the aluminum dude.

Check out some more Military Guns here
Thanks for the picture 😉


16 Responses to WWII Training Models

  1. Chad Hauser says:

    I’m “that guy” that brought the big guns into the store. I’m curious where you got this photograph, as I’m KEENLY INTERESTED in finding out more about these trainers.

  2. Pawn Star says:

    Hey chad I got that image here

    Good luck and cool guns! Let us know if you ever sell them and how much.

  3. cory margolis says:

    I can pay you $5000 for the pair. Contact me Thanks

  4. DrugDoll says:

    Hey will you seperate with just 1 of them or is it the pai id have to buy? Im real intrested!

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  7. Serge ouanounou says:

    Hey Chad. Are these still for sale. Interested in the rifle. Thx. Serge 4049322029

  8. brady nyberg says:

    i really want these guns if not sold contct me

  9. Keith Jeannotte says:

    Well to brgin with these training pcs were used in Boot camps, And are by no means hard to find,At last count there were at least 14 of the things in several Rifle clubs machine guns to M1-Garands Dont know what a person would do with them ,There arent to many Homes with wall space to hang the things

  10. mike gage says:

    The mock ups are all over the place . I am in vegas and have one of the tommy gun and the M1 grand. Also just found one of a M1 carbine..

  11. mike gage says:

    Hey chum You are my hero . how about a beer sometime

  12. deb says:

    I read that some of you are interested in WWII cut away training rifles. We have 2 that will be on our auction 12/17/11, M1 Garand & MG19 19. This will be a huge military auction from one estate. We have pre-auction photos on our website,, the complete catalog with photos and online bidding via will be available 1 week prior to the auction. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

  13. Cecil Sauer says:

    I have one of these oversize cutaway training models of the M1 Garand complete with stripper clip, 8 cartriges, and the original wood display stand. I have proudly displayed it along with a WWII veteran rifle for 20 years but I now need to sell. Anyone interested can email me at using “Garand training model” in the subject line and I will send photos. Thank you!

  14. Yanno, when you harvest pics from a website, it’s polite to acknowledge the swipe upfront, not just in the comments because someone asked.

    In other words, It’s only polite. Oh, and legal.

    And if you’d been a little more efficient in your Googling, you’d have found this post:

    Yes, I still have it. No, it’s not for sale. My collection is a black hole. Once captured, nothing escapes.

  15. Beth Donovan says:

    Do you really think you should steal copyrighted photos without permission or payment? That’s our photo, part of our collection.

  16. admin says:

    Hey Donovans we listed it up in the comments on March 12 2010.. Sorry about that. Ill even stick a nice link in the post for you 😉

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