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Yank Magazine – WWII

yank magazine  I use to love watching WW II movies and never saw a soldier reading a magazine. But, they did get those pin-up photos of all the babe’s of the time from somewhere.

Did you know that Lucille Ball was a pin-up girl?

Soldiers also got cartoons in this magazine

Yank was a weekly publication that our WW II soldiers could subscribe to and get delivered in their mail right to the battlefield. The old man comments that there was plenty of downtime being a soldier even while at war. Let’s face it, in between flying bullets, they needed something to pass the time away.

The owner of 26 issues of this magazine is hoping to get somewhere between $250 and $400 for his collection. As Rick isn’t interested in anything that just takes up space with no hope of selling, he tells the guy that he’s “yanked”

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